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Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting a health care provider is as equally as important as selecting a home health care provider. The following is a list of frequently asked questions that are addressed to assist you in choosing a Unique Home Health Care Agency for you or a loved one. Because our services are all about you!

Why Unique Home Care Agency?

Unique Home Care Agency, Inc. is a family owned health care service firm. We feel that clients (patients) recuperate better in their own home environment, surrounded by love ones. Providing home health care services in the home brings families together by allowing an individual to remain at home, and receive the care they need. Home health care also allows an individual to remain independent and receive one-on-one attention with personalized care.

What is Home Health Care?
Is Home Health Care just for seniors?

Home health care is a health service provided for a client(patient), wherever they call home. Home health care is medically necessary and doctor-prescribed care. 

Home health care is not just for seniors. There is no age limit for clients of home health care agencies. Services are provided depending on your needs.

How do I know what services I need?

Generally, your primary care physician will prescribe a Doctor's order to receive home health care services. Upon receipt of that order, a registered nurse from Unique HCA, Inc. will evaluate your needs with you to develop a plan of care. 

   *Not all services provided here at Unique HCA, Inc. need a Doctor's order. Anyone can select to have assistance that is non-medical such as a Companion.

Does my insurance cover the cost of care?

A majority of health insurance plans today, cover the cost of home health care. However, each plan may have certain conditions or criteria that must be met in order to qualify. Often, many insurers require the patient to use a home health agency that is part of their provider network. Please contact your health insurance provider to obtain further information.

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